5-7 November 2018: 4th International Conference on Food Chemistry and Technology

This is the only event focused on Research & Development and for Big Food Industries, International food sectors, CEO’s CSO’s, CRO’s, Academic Researchers, Directors, and Professor’s. This event aims to foster the growth of the food Industry by facilitating development in R&D, Manufacturing and Partnership opportunities.

Keynotes-World's Food Research Experts at FCT-2018:

Imre Blank, Head of R&D Networks, Nestle Research Center, Switzerland, 
John O’Brien, Deputy Head, Nestlé Research Centre, Switzerland
Markus Fischer, Director Hamburg School of Food Science(HSFS), University of Hamburg, Germany
Dieter Schrenk, Head of the Dept. of Food Chemistry and Toxicology, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Rui Hai Liu, Department of Food Science, Cornell University, USA
Tsimidou Maria, Director Laboratory Food Chemistry and Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Pingfan Rao, Director CAS.SIBS-Zhejiang Gongshang University; Honorary Vice-president, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, China and few more…

For FCT-2018 committee, confirmed keynotes, workshop, scientific topics, and more information, please view here: http://unitedscientificgroup.com/conferences/food-chemistry-and-technology/

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